Brooks, Laura (June/July, 2005)  Adoption and your family. Adoption Today

Aging and Family Emotional Process – click on the title for a link to this journal article by Laura Brooks, LCSW-C

Bowen, Murray. Family Therapy in Clinical Practice. This book is written for the professional but may interest others who want a detailed description of the development of Dr. Bowen’s thinking starting in the 1950’s.

Gilbert, Roberta. Extraordinary Relationships: A New Way of Thinking about Human Interaction.
with Our Children: Guiding Principles for Parents in a Troubled World.  Dr. Gilbert’s books make the theory accessible to the layperson. More books and articles are listed on her website at

Kabat-Zinn, Jon. Wherever You Go, There You Are: Mindfulness Meditation in Everyday Life. A very clearly written book that makes meditation accessible to the beginner mediator.

Kerr, Michael.  Family Evaluation: The Role of the Family as an Emotional Unit that Governs Individual Behavior and Development. Written for the professional and those who are interested in an in-depth understanding of Bowen Theory. Publications written by Dr. Kerr for the layperson are listed on The Bowen Center’s website,

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Papero, Daniel. Bowen Family Systems Theory. A clear and concise overview of the theory.

Titelman, Peter  Emotional Cutoff: Bowen Family Systems Theory Perspectives.
Triangles:Bowen Family Systems Theory Perspectives.
Mr. Titelman’s books are a compilation of articles by various authors on the application of Bowen Theory to a variety of problems. More books edited by Mr. Titelman can be found

Below are two taped interviews for Family Matters, sponsored by the Bowen Center and University of the District of Columbia

Family Matters: Adoption and the Extended Family:;
Family Matters: Interdependence in Family Relationships: